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Meet our other Team Members

Meet our other Team Members

Meet our other Team Members

Carrie's CV

Bachelor of Science, 
Exercise Physiology, 
Minor in Nutrition
James Madison University

Carrie Seifert, CSCS

Rehabilitative Fitness and Wellness
Certified Strength Coach

Carrie Seifert is a Certified Strength Coach with a special interest in Rehabilitative Fitness and Wellness. After graduating from James Madison University in 2001, with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition, Carrie spent the last 12 years training various levels of athletes and conducted countless hours educating Physical Therapy patients as a Therapeutic Exercise Trainer. Carrie's approach to transformative training focuses on one simple concept -- 'are you moving poorly because of your pain, or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?'. 

Her use of the most advanced training tools (ie.GravityFit, Powercore360, myorollers, etc.), combined with her posture strengthening techniques help teach her clients better awareness about how their bodies work and move. Whether she is helping a healthy athlete reach their top speed, working with a patient to improve their strength and mobility, or assisting someone in post-rehab recovery, Carrie applies core concepts to help everyone reach their personal training goals. 


Adolescent Athletes:
Learn to run, jump, change direction more efficiently while preventing injury

Athlete Strength & Conditioning:
Improve balance, posture and function to attain improved athletic performance for athletes and weekend warriors

Wellness Coach:
Achieve better personal wellness through education and interactive application

Physical Therapy Exercise: 
Training and reinforcement of proper exercise techniques for rehabilitation and efficient injury or post-surgical recovery


Carrie's Wellness & Training Fitness services fulfill each individual's unique fitness goals. By offering multiple training options including personal training, weekly group exercise classes, and monthly wellness workshops, there are options for both individual and group training.

Fun Facts! 

This volleyball enthusiast (and self proclaimed balance expert) resides on a 1,000 acre wildlife reserve along the Shenandoah River where she owns three dogs, two horses, one cat, one gecko lizard, and don't forget the five salt water fish. She doesn't mind the 55-mile commute to work each day because she loves where she lives (AND WORKS) that much!