ACL Injury Prevention Training

What is ACL Injury Prevention Training?

We offer the first and only training program scientifically proven to decrease ACL injuries in female athletes. The Jump/Plyometrics training component has three two-week phases. Each two-week phase has a different training focus and exercises change correspondingly. Although this jumping-based training may seem straightforward, a careful inspection assists in properly monitoring each athlete. It is important to monitor each athlete to promote a strong foundation and to ensure safety. The goal is quiet, controlled landings—loud or out-of-control landings require immediate correction.

What to Expect: Training Program Structure

Phase 1: Technique Development (Weeks 1 and 2)

Athletes develop proper form and technique for each jump. Six basic techniques are stressed:

  • Upright posture, neutral body alignment and body/trunk control throughout each exercise or jump
  • Taking off and landing without excessive side-to-side or forward-backward movement of the lower body
  • Soft landings through the entire foot
  • Initiate from a neutral position with flexed knees
  • End jumps with exaggerated, deep hip and knee flexion
  • Preparation for the next jump by holding position in countermovement

Jumps in Phase 1

Wall Jumps
Tuck Jumps
Squat Jumps
Barrier Jumps (side to side)
Barrier Jump (forward/backward)
180⁰ Jumps
Broad Jumps
Bounding in place

Phase 2: Fundamentals (Weeks 3 and 4)

In this phase, the training focus is concentrated on transitioning the use of proper technique in double-foot maneuvers to single-leg hops. The emphasis remains on performing each jump or hop with excellent form, with carryover jumps being performed for longer duration. New, more difficult transitional jumps and hops are introduced to build on skills mastered in the first two weeks. The focus remains on well-performed, quality drills.

Jumps in Phase 2

Wall Jumps
Tuck Jumps
Jump, Jump, Jump, Vertical
Squat jumps
Barrier Jumps (S/S)
Barrier Jumps (F/B)
Scissors Jump
Single Leg Hop
Bounding for distance

​Phase 3: Performance (Weeks 5 and 6)

Jumps in Phase 3

Wall Jumps
Jump Up, Down, 180⁰, Vertical
Squat Jumps
Mattress Jumps (S/S)
Mattress Jumps (F/B)
Hop, Hop, Hop Stick
Jump into bounding

Skip The Injury With An ACL Prevention Program!

Preventative ACL programs at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center {VTFC} utilize evidence-based research, including the information above, to create custom-designed ACL prevention programs. This results in maximized athletic performance and the best results in reducing the risk of an ACL tear.