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Concussion Therapy

A Comprehensive Approach to Concussion Care

There can be similar patterns of symptoms for patients with concussion, but each patient has their own unique presentation and therefore there is a need to provide specialized treatment for each concussion patient. The Concussion Rehabilitation and Therapy Program is tailored to the uniqueness each patient may present with their concussion, and provides a comprehensive assessment of concussion symptom presentations. From our in-depth comprehensive assessment we are able to properly identify problem areas and prescribe the optimal treatment plan for each concussion patient.

Our program is led by concussion management leaders who are ImPACT Trained Physical Therapist (ITPT) credentialed. This team of subject experts have devised concussion-focused rehabilitation protocols to provide a comprehensive approach to concussion care. Our comprehensive program has direct collaboration with our Board-Certified Neurologist, Dr. Sommer Ebdlahad.

Conditions to Perform Concussion Therapy

Assessment and treatment for concussion patients may accord in the following areas:

  • Post-Traumatic Migraine
  • Cervical / Neck Injuries
  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Ocular Therapy / Vision
  • Exercise Intolerance
  • Neurocognitive Testing
  • Memory Difficulties

Frequently Asked Questions About Concussion Therapy

What Testing Is Done With Concussion Therapy?

VTFC utilizes ImPACT Neurocognitive testing to determine areas of deficiency and improvement following concussion. Baseline ImPACT testing is very helpful, for individuals before they have a concussion, to use to determine the severity of their concussion and improvement with Concussion Treatment.  In addition to ImPACT testing, we utilize CogMed software to evaluate and train memory difficulties with our concussion patients.

What Is CogMed Software?

CogMed is a program performed at home on a daily basis to assist in improving memory and brain training. CogMed has been found to be helpful in treating memory dysfunction in Post-Concussion syndrome patients.

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