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Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health.  The food you eat on a daily basis is vital for maintaining healthy cells, sustaining energy levels, peak brain function and psychological well being. Furthermore, eating a nutrient rich diet can promote healing and tissue repair. Your body makes new cells on a daily basis and the health of those new cells is dependent on the quality of food you eat and your internal environment.  Additives in processed foods, excessive environmental toxins, and dehydration can all place an overwhelming burden on the body leading to inflammation and oxidative stress which can prolong and prevent adequate healing and repair. 

We know that finding the diet that is right for your unique body and specific metabolic needs can be confusing. Although we should optimally get all the nutrients we need from food, contemporary farming practices, digestive issues, stress, medications and medical conditions often makes it difficult to get all the nutrients needed to run our bodies on a daily basis.  In addition, the different seasons of our life demand different nutrient balances. 

Here’s where Susan can help. As an experienced health care practitioner of 30+ years with specializations in nutrition and integrative health, Susan can guide you in discovering what your unique body needs to heal and function optimally. Through functional testing, she can help to uncover nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances, digestive issues and inflammation that might be leading to disease, dysfunction and accelerated aging. In addition, she offers a comprehensive approach that not only focuses on nutrition but also exercise, stress reduction, and a sustainable lifestyle approach necessary for promoting life-long health. 

What makes the Nutrition Program at VTFC unique?

  1. A  comprehensive approach to your overall state of health through evaluating current dietary intake, health history, lifestyle factors, stressors and digestion
  2. Targeted testing to ensure you are consuming, digesting and absorbing the essential nutrients needed for your unique body and demands of life
  3. Guidance for maximizing nutrition with organic, whole nutrient dense foods to combat inflammation and oxidative stress that can lead to impaired immune function, autoimmune disease, pain and tissue degeneration
  4. Integrative approach for boosting your overall well being through nutrition, stress reduction strategies and balanced exercise essential for your body
  5. Ongoing support needed to inspire, educate and empower you to make the changes necessary for optimal health and success

Meet our Wellness Team

Susan Brady

Certified Nutritionist
Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Physical Therapist

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