Stretching Vs. Mobilizing: Do You Know The Difference?

Pencils Down! How Much do you Know about Stretching? In the past, you may have complained of back pain and heard the tried and true saying “stretch it out.” This leads you to bending and straightening joints in an effort to pin point the tight muscles that need to be pulled and manipulated in order to “stretch”

Why Isn’t My Rehab Program Eliminating My Pain?

We have treated patients with acute low back pain. We have treated patients with chronic low back pain. We have treated patients that have had years of physical therapy, personal training, taken yoga and Pilates classes, seen surgeons and pain doctors, etc. You have to wonder why individuals progress from patients to chronic, long term patients and opt for surgery,

To Heat Or Ice Your Latest Injury…That Is The Question.

Did you ever wonder what was best to use for your injury, pain, or discomfort? If you answered “yes,” you’re in good company. I don’t make it through a day without having a patient ask me, “is it best to apply heat or ice to my injury.” Since there are many factors that come into