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Gravity Fit Is The New Revolutionary Exercise Science That Builds Good Postural Form

Over the past year I have been working with a unique exercise tool used to activate and strengthen the anti-gravity muscles (i.e. quadriceps, glutes, etc.) and improve core body strength and performance called Gravity Fit. I work with many useful training tools but this particular neuromuscular training system has proven helpful to every single patient during their treatment.

Is Your Diet Causing Muscle And Joint Pain?

Muscle and joint inflammation and pain is caused by a myriad of things. One such thing that has been proven to have a detrimental impact on the overall health of our muscles and joints is an over consumption of sugar. Simple dietary changes can help to reduce this inflammation and pain. Diet away your pain! REDUCE

This Just In: Over Consumption Of Sugar Contributes To Muscle & Joint Pain!

Americans eat a lot of sugar! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the average American consumes roughly 47 pounds of cane sugar and 35 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup per year. We all know sugar is the main ingredient in the obvious villains such as candy, ice cream and other desserts, but there

Let’s Get Physical! Health Organization’s Physical Activities Guidelines

We live in a fast paced world now consisting of conference calls, business meetings, etc. While our minds and deadlines are active, however, our lifestyle is actually quite sedentary chaining us to our desks and, unfortunately, our seats. Research has proven that sitting frequently is detrimental to your health, therefore several health organizations have compiled physical