Here’s Why You Can’t Afford To Stop Moving With An Injury

WHAT IS PAIN? Pain is as much physical as it is mental. Consider these questions: Have you ever injured yourself, but didn’t notice the pain until you saw a visible bruise? Have you ever gotten a paper cut, but didn’t notice the pain until you washed your hands and then your hand throbs the rest

5 Important Reasons To Maintain Lean Body Mass As You Age

Striving to keep our body healthy as we age can be a challenge!  One of the toughest challenges is maintaining a healthy body composition, or the percentages of lean tissue and fat mass. Starting in our mid-forties, we begin to lose muscle mass and progressively accumulate fat mass. On average, between the ages of 40-60,

Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center Wins 2018 Spectrum Award For Customer Service!

Cheers to Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center on winning the 2018 Spectrum Award for Customer Satisfaction, four years in a row! This award, established by City Beat News, is given to companies and business professionals that provide exceptional services and experiences to their clients and customers. Businesses are selected based on reviews and information gathered from blogs, social networks, industry