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3 tips for Transitioning to Running Indoors on a Treadmill in the Winter Months, While Avoiding Knee Pain

By Kelly Nottingham, PT, DPT | January 17, 2022

1) It’s still very important to keep up with your cross training! Some exercises that all runners could benefit from include: core, hip flexor, and glute strengthening, single limb balance, fast twitch fiber movements, and dynamic lower extremity stretches
2) Cadence matters. It’s important to pay attention to this as you switch over to a different running surface to reduce ground reaction forces at the knee. This is arguably more important than focusing on where your foot strikes when you run. On average it should be 160-180 steps per minute.
3) Consider switching out your old trainers for a fresh new pair of running shoes! Typical shoe age for an average weight person is 350-400 miles. Another formula that can be used is 75,000/person’s body weight = # of miles a shoe is good. If a patient would like more guidance on the best running shoe for them or potentially getting a prescription orthotic, this would be a perfect opportunity for them to come in and see one of us for a foot/ankle evaluation!

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Kelly Nottingham, PT, DPT

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