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Former Hockey Player Improves Hip Mobility With Laser Therapy!

| June 29, 2018

A few years ago, I noticed I was having a tough time tying my right shoe. I could still walk normally but could no longer bend easily at the hip and had to tilt my foot to the side to reach the laces. Putting on socks also became somewhat challenging. After some time, individuals would ask me why I was limping. It happened so gradually I had not even noticed. After several medical appointments I was diagnosed with a hip condition that would eventually require ‘warranty repair’ (i.e. surgery). My goal was to strengthen my lower body to allow for a more rapid recovery from the surgery. I had seemed to plateau with typical Physical Therapy but was introduced to Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center through my daughter.

Dr. Rich Banton and his team have been excellent! The initial use of the manual manipulation and dry needling, aquatic therapy, and focused strengthening and stretching coupled with regularly scheduled workouts had improved my mobility. I have recently added to that regimen cutting edge laser therapy. The treatment, which Jason provided, is a comfortable warmth which further works on the release of tight muscles impacting my gait. After the very first laser treatment I felt like I could walk without any noticeable (to me) limp. That was confirmed when I returned home and to work and others noticed the difference. After several additional laser treatments, I am almost walking normally without a pronounced limp. Though hip surgery will eventually happen, I expect the preparation the team is giving me will make the road to recovery smoother.


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