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Have You Tried Nature’s Back Balm? Walk Away With Tips To Relieve Your Low Back Pain.

By Jason Arnett, MS, ATC, BRM | January 16, 2019

As humans, the most common and fundamental activity we do is walking. Did you know walking is actually one of the best exercises you can do to help relieve you of your lower back pain? That’s because mobility is a vital component to overcoming pain and walking is a low impact aerobic exercise that helps to strengthen the legs, hips, and torso. Although simple to perform, there is a bit of skill required to make walking “nature’s back balm.”


Brisk walking is done at a faster speed and with a longer stride – walk proud like you own the world, walk with speed like you have somewhere to go! This type of walking allows half of your torso muscles to ‘turn on’ and the other half to ‘turn off’, reducing compression on the spinal joints and relieving pain. Brisk walking also builds a strong, robust core as tall posture is needed.


Nothing is more fundamental than walking outside on uneven terrain and rolling hills. The changing landscape aids in appropriate torso muscle activation and builds hip/leg strength and balance. Walking on a treadmill minimizes the benefits gained by outside walking.


The best walking program for back pain relief is interval walking — 20 minutes, three times a day. If at first this much activity increases back pain, experiment with the best solution for you. Start with a lesser amount and adjust from there. The next hour, walk the same amount of time and slowly build endurance to walk in longer increments. Be patient with yourself, but consistent in your program!

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