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Is Your Golf Swing Setup ‘Up To Par’? Evaluate Your Swing!

| October 8, 2018

With the major PGA tournaments coming to a close, is your golf swing ready for the next championship?

The golf swing is extremely complex and requires many parts of the body to work in tandem with each other. The swing is primarily rotational, relying on the spine and hips to provide stabilization and strength.

An efficient golf swing starts with an efficient set up posture. Errors in a setup can quickly result in a cascade of swing changes, leading to decreased range of motion and possibly increasing risk of injury. Something as simple as fixing posture can go a long way in adding distance and consistency to your game.


neutral spine posture has been shown to provide greater rotational range of motion within the spine and hips. This creates a longer available backswing, generating more speed and power at impact.

A common fault in setup is a rounded posture, also known as kyphotic posture. This is often caused by inflexibility and result in massive losses in torso rotation and a shortened swing.

An over-extended position is called lordotic posture. This is often found in individuals with weak cores and poor motor control. This kind of loading on the spinal facet joints decreases available rotation and increases your risk of pain and injury.

Posture is important in all matters, but especially when it comes to perfecting your golf swing. While these postural faults are very common, they can also be easily addressed through a simple mobility or stability program.

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