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Regenerate Your Body With Physical Therapy!

| November 22, 2016

Regenerative therapy is gaining popularity across the nation as a reasonable alternative to surgery, though not everyone is up to speed with their vast benefits. Many physical therapists across the country are unfamiliar with these regenerative therapies and as such are unable to provide proper care after these therapies to maximize the level of healing offered. The physicians at Virginia Spine Institute have been at the forefront of these treatment options including prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and stem cell therapy to improve their patients lives. The physical therapists at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center {a subsidiary company of Virginia Spine Institute} have been working right along side them, formulating treatment plans specific to our patients needs that maximize the benefits of regenerative treatment options.

Prevention of injury is the most important factor to any rehabilitation program, but too often patients enter a physical therapy program after they’ve sustained an injury. Regenerative therapies are helping patients and therapists, by resetting the involved tissue and allowing the therapist to treat the patient before breakdown occurs in their body. Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center physical therapists help their patients by normalizing faulty biomechanics that likely lead to injury and pain. We improve range of motion in joints that are too stiff and strengthen muscles that provide support to our bodies. The combination of manual therapy, graded exercise, and education in lifestyle management play an important role in regenerative medicine. Even the best regenerative therapies will fail without enrollment in an experienced physical therapy program. Our physical therapists are trained in regenerative medicine protocols and will help patients receiving regenerative therapy get back to the life they desire.

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