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Snow Day Shoveling Tips

By Kevin Dandy, PT, MPT, CMPT, CDN | January 17, 2022

As with any activity, if you haven’t prepared your body to perform the task you are at a greater chance for injury. The same is true even for the smallest of tasks, like snow shoveling. What may seem like easy work, it can really put a strain on your entire body if not done properly.

Snow Shoveling Tips That Won’t Break Your Back:

1. If the snow is heavy, clear the snow more frequently to help reduce the load.
2. Take rest breaks as needed.
3. Avoid repetitive bending, lifting and twisting if you are not prepared for it.
4. Use the shovel to push the snow like a plow.

How to get your body ready for the next snow storm:

1.  Improve fitness with regular cardiovascular activity.
2.  Get stronger ie. perform deadlifts.
3.  If you are having pain or don’t feel confident lifting or shoveling let VTFC help address your concerns.

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Kevin Dandy, PT, MPT, CMPT, CDN

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