Why Choose VTFC?

Our Total Wellness Model Makes the Difference

At VTFC we’re more than a physical therapy practice. Our total wellness model treats beyond pain relief and promotes long-term wellness benefits. In our new state-of-the-art facility patients can experience orthopedic manual therapy, aquatic therapy, therapeutic massage, nutrition coaching, rehabilitative personal training, and fitness instruction. Not all physical therapy centers are created equal. In October of 2004, VTFC was born, and today has grown to one of the most dynamic physical therapy practices in the area offering solutions that are not offered anywhere else.


Meet Our Team

Jason Arnett

Athletic Trainer

Susan Brady

Certified Nutritionist
Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Physical Therapist

Steven Chung

Physical Therapist

Melissa Conway

Physical Therapist

Kevin Dandy

Physical Therapist

John Fainsan

Physical Therapist

Justin Geisler

Physical Therapist

Larry Grine

Physical Therapist

Kyle Kohnen

Physical Therapist

Greg Morris

Physical Therapist

Kelly Nottingham

Physical Therapist

Imi Sarkozi

Certified Massage Therapist

Latasha White

Licensed Massage Therapist

What We Treat

As a subsidiary of Virginia Spine Institute, Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center (VTFC) provides their patients with the very best in rehabilitative care for all types of orthopaedic conditions. This is done through the unique and comprehensive all under-one-roof treatment model.  Whether you are overcoming a sports injury, recovering after surgery, or are looking to resolve that nagging pain, we’ll get you back to your active lifestyle.

How We Treat

Patients who experience physical therapy at other practices frequently remark that their experience with us makes an impact on them. We provide the highest level and quality of care in the greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area. At VTFC, we are dedicated to working one-on-one with you and only you! You will have the unique experience of being treated consistently by the same physical therapist(s) for your initial evaluation and follow up treatments. Each visit is approximately one hour and will include a combination of hands-on manual therapy, exercise, and other modalities specifically tailored to your needs.

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