Surgical Rehabilitation Protocols

Specializing in Orthopedic Surgery Rehabilitation

Spine Surgery

VTFC providers have extensive experience helping patients successfully recovery after spinal surgery for nearly 20 years. Our physical therapists are leaders in the field of spinal rehabilitation and have collaborated with spinal surgeons with orthopedic spinal surgeries for thousands of post-surgical patients. Our rehabilitation experience ranges from minimally invasive spinal surgeries, such as discectomies, laminectomies, laminoplasties, to more complex procedures including: single-level fusion surgeries, multi-level fusion surgeries, artificial disc procedures, long fusion, scoliosis reconstruction, and hybrid procedures with artificial disc combined with fusion surgeries. We successfully treat spinal surgery patients every day. If you have undergone spinal surgery and are looking for providers who understand the intricacies of spinal surgery, we can help! 

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Knee Surgery

VTFC physical therapists have significant experience rehabilitating patients following knee surgery. Our physical therapy staff has successfully treated knee surgery patients with our progressive rehabilitation for nearly all orthopedic knee conditions ranging from:  Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Collateral Ligament Injuries, Meniscus Repair, Meniscus Debridement, Patellar Dislocation, Osteoarthritis, Tibial Plateau Fractures, and Partial/Total Knee Replacements. We understand the intricacies of the knee and work closely with orthopedic surgeons to achieve optimal function after knee surgery.  

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Shoulder Surgery

At Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center (VTFC), we understand that the shoulder is one of the most complex joints in our bodies; requiring a thorough and expert biomechanical assessment to properly evaluate and treat.   Shoulder surgery can be required as a result of a traumatic injury, but is often a result of poor shoulder movement patterns.  Our shoulder biomechanical assessment will incorporate assessments of the shoulder and all the joints that associate with normal shoulder function.  This will make sure your shoulder functional optimally following surgery and help prevent future injury to your repaired shoulder.    

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Hip Surgery

At VTFC, we have extensive experience treating hip conditions and rehabilitating patients following hip surgery. Whether you have recently had hip surgery for Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), Hip Dysplasia, Hip Joint Resurfacing, or a Total Hip Replacement, our physical therapists are ready to treat your condition. We also understand the rehabilitation considerations and intricacies of Total Hip Replacement surgery for different approaches (i.e. Anterior or Posterior Approaches).  Our Physical Therapists will not only rehabilitate the local surgical area, but we will assess and treat associated and related joints that may have contributed to why your hip required surgery to improve your function.   

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Ankle Surgery

At Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center (VTFC), we understand that the foot and ankle is a complex set of joints that require proper integration to function properly. Trauma and injuries to the foot and ankle can cause dysfunction anywhere along the chain of the lower extremity joints. Our team of expert physical therapists is familiar with rehabilitating post-surgical conditions ranging from chronic ankle instability, ankle fractures, foot fractures, and toe surgeries. We also understand the rehabilitation considerations and intricacies of ankle surgeries for different approaches such as Brostrom, Modified Brostrom, and Brostrom-Gould procedures. Our foot and ankle biomechanical assessment will also include assessments of the all the lower extremity joints that associate with normal foot function.  At VTFC, this comprehensive approach has been utilized and proven to be very successful for post-surgical rehabilitation of the foot and ankle. 

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