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VTFC is an Environment for Healing.

Thank you for considering VTFC for your physical therapy care! We’re looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your injury or pain, and goals for recovery. Together we will create an effective treatment plan that will get you back to your active lifestyle. To help you get started, we have outlined pertinent new patient information. Once you step foot into our state-of-the-art facility you will realize we are not like other physical therapy practices. Our staff truly cares about your wellbeing and our model is set up to to effectively and efficiently improve your quality of life. We have modern modalities and work collaboratively through the use of physical therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, dry needling, aquatic therapy, functional fitness training, and nutrition/wellness coaching.

What to Expectat Your First Visit

Your first visit will be your initial one-hour evaluation in which you will meet your physical therapist and discuss your current condition or injury and identify your goals for recovery. Your dedicated physical therapist will conduct the appropriate tests to determine your range of motion, strength, and integrity of your neurological system. A hands-on evaluation will help to determine how your affected joints are moving and whether certain joints are contributing to your current dysfunction. It is not uncommon for your physical therapist to investigate joints distant from your pain as some pain can be referred (when pain is felt in one location but the root issue is coming from another source) and we want to be sure to get to the root of the issue and not just treat your symptoms.

At the end of the initial evaluation, your physical therapist will present his/her exam findings, answer any questions you may have, and present a recommended treatment plan suited to your goals. Since each patient is unique, your treatment plan will be too.

Our goal is to have you leave the initial evaluation with a full understanding of your condition and feeling confident in the custom treatment plan designed by you and your therapist!

Preparing for Your Appointment

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure you are checked in smoothly and ready for your appointment. As you prepare for your upcoming visit be sure to consult the list below and have the appropriate online forms completed in advance and that you bring the required documentation below:

  1. Complete New Patient Registration Packet located online within the Patient Portal
  2. Complete the Injury Assessment Form (specific to your injury)
  3. Bring your most current Health Insurance Card
  4. If you have one, bring your prescription from the referring physician (RX not required)
  5. Bring any X-rays, MRIs, or physician reports related to your injury (if applicable-digital version preferred on disc)

What to Wear to Your First Visit

Comfort is key when planning your visit for your initial evaluation and any follow-up physical therapy sessions. We recommend that you bring or come dressed in comfortable “workout” attire as physical therapy is an active process that is easier in clothes that don’t restrict movement. This may include athletic shorts, sweatpants or leggings, t-shirt/tank top, and sneakers. For your convenience we have clean locker rooms available for changing and storing your belongings.

  • Low Back –  T-shirt and Shorts or sweatpants/leggings
  • Neck – Tank top
  • Mid Back – T-shirt and shorts (sports bra for women)
  • Shoulder – T-shirt
  • Lower Extremities (Knee, Ankle, Foot etc) – Shorts
  • Foot – Shorts, athletic shoes and previous orthotics (if applicable)

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