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Baseball Performance Program

What is the Baseball & Softball Performance Program?

The OnBase University Screen and Assessment allows us to provide a detailed view of your pitching or hitting mechanics and includes three components. As physical therapists, we are experts at analyzing your physical limitations and providing corrective exercises and manual therapy if necessary to allow you to move and perform better.

The 3 Components of the Program

  1. Physical movement screen: This screen consists of 12-16 movements and can be completed in approximately 10 minutes. It allows us to determine how your body moves and whether it is limiting your performance. This screen will uncover any red flags that need to be addressed in physical therapy, or corrections that can be made with individualized exercises.
  2. Video analysis of your pitching or hitting: The use of technology allows us to breakdown your movements to see and determine any sub-optimal movement patterns that may be impacting your performance or raising your risk of injury. This will typically align with the discoveries made in the physical screen.
  3. Power assessment: This assessment allows us to determine if your lower body, core, or upper body are limiting your power. Often, one of these areas is not doing its fair share of work, and our assessment can uncover it and provide exercises to help you gain velocity on your pitches or hitting. Analysis will include medicine ball throws to test core and upper body power in conjunction with vertical and horizontal jumps to analyze your lower body. There are normative numbers that allow us to compare your results and determine what segment is lacking and the percentage it is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this program?

As athletes go through our program they are armed with a detailed, individualized assessment and treatment plan which unleashes the potential for improved performance and reduces risk of injury on the field. As the program participants progress through their season our physical therapists are on hand in case there is a need for injury rehabilitation or further performance training. With open lines of communication between our team and the athlete, corrective exercises will be designed in a fluid fashion to support the changing needs of a dynamic athlete.

Who would benefit from the program?

This program is built for baseball or softball athletes who want to prevent future injuries and improve their performance. We will work cohesively with your coaches, trainers, or doctors to give updated and detailed analysis to all involved parties. We will help you create a detailed team similar to ones that help professional athletes perform at their peak potential.