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Aquatic therapy is typically the first step in rehabilitation for post-surgical patients or patients suffering from a painful injury. Water serves as a highly effective, nearly weightless environment that offers the ability to improve strength, flexibility, and function to progress recovery.

virginia therapy & fitness center is proud to be the first facility in virginia to utilize the hydroworx 300!

The Hydroworx 300 is a revolutionary underwater treadmill that allows patients to rehabilitate injuries while only bearing 20-25% of their weight. This weightless environment results in:

  • Faster post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Increased joint range of motion and enhanced mobility
  • Improved muscle strength & flexibility
  • Improved balance
  • Effective cardiovascular training without wear & tear on joints
Aquatic therapy has many advantages for patients:
  • Reduces Impact: The aquatic environment provides a weightless environment that allows our patients to perform exercises without significant impact on their spine or joints.
  • Therapeutic Temperature (80-84 degrees): Allows for comfort for the patient, but also provides a cooling environment to post surgical areas that are usually above average body temperature, 98-101 degrees.
  • Buoyancy Effect:  The water creates an advantage (buoyancy effect) which allows patients to perform range of motion exercise in the pool that they would not be able to perform safely on land.

The Hydroworx 300 also has a built-in resistance jet with therapeutic massage hose for a deep tissue massage after your session! Whether you’re recovering from surgery or an injury, or you’re ready to elevate your cardiovascular training without the wear and tear on joints - aquatic therapy could be the best solution for you!

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