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Sports Performance Programs

At VTFC, we strive to offer sports performance programs for both conditioning and rehabilitation purposes. Our holistic approach is designed to help athletes exceed their athletic goals, and improve in their sport. By using team members certified in each selective field, our clients are receiving the highest level of education and care while participating in our programs.

Sports Performance Programs VTFC Offers

Baseball & Softball Performance Program

The OnBase University Screen and Assessment allows us to provide a detailed view of your pitching or hitting mechanics, and complete a full assessment to improve your pitching and/or hitting. As physical therapists, we are experts at analyzing your physical limitations and providing corrective exercises and manual therapy if necessary to allow you to move and perform better.

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Golf Performance Program

Are you an avid golfer looking to improve your swing? VTFC offers a Golf Performance Program, guided by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical professionals. This unique program evaluates posture, mobility, and movement quality to ensure your golf game is up to par with the professionals.

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Youth Sports Performance Programs

Our physical therapists, certified athletic trainer, and wellness director work together with young athletes of all ages to improve and maximize their athletic potential. Whether it’s for an individual, small group, or team, our specialists will develop a plan and strategy to safely and successfully improve athletic performance. Furthermore, athletes will be armed with techniques to apply to their training to sustain results, prevent injuries, and continue improving.

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