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Cannot say enough great things about VTFC! I started to see progress immediately and he caught things that other physical therapists had not. I made more progress in just a few weeks than I had in over a year. All of the staff is wonderful! Everyone that works at the front desk is so kind and helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else




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My journey with back pain began in 2016. I was evaluated by a primary doctor who eventually sent me to a chiropractor, a spine center and then an orthopedic doctor in Richmond. My pain had reached a point where I was lying on my couch daily, in tears. I cried daily. My family had to help me clean and cook. I couldn’t do much of anything in life without pain. I did things, but then I would pay the price of doing them with pain. After years of constant pain, eight steroid shots, and a failed surgery, I decided to go out of my area to find the best. I researched for weeks until I found Dr. Haines at Virginia Spine Institute. When I arrived in the office, I was totally shocked to see the way I was treated. From the receptionist, to the nurses, financial department, honestly the entire staff. I then met Dr. Haines who I must spend a little time explaining the exceptional doctor he is. Dr. Haines is the most caring, sincere doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He devoted his time. I was not at all rushed. NOT AT ALL. For the first time, I had someone who wasn’t running a clocked time on me. He was eager to see me get relief. It was important to him and quite honestly, I really felt like I was his only patient. Details on the procedure were given in a way that my husband and I understood everything. That is what I love about Dr. Haines - his goal was to get me pain free. I love everything about him. My husband gives thanks to him all the time. He says, “We got the Best Doctor for you!“ I have had an exceptional surgery outcome because of Dr. Haines, the entire staff at VSI , Reston Hospital, the nurses there ,and everyone who took the time for me. They walked me through everything. I listened to what they said I needed to do. And now, I am the happiest, most healthy 58 year- old woman you could imagine. My life today… Let’s just say one of the biggest compliments I continue to receive is how I look. You see, it’s not really how I look. It’s how I look without having pain. I am pain free. And that is the biggest most rewarding thing I could ever hear. I really didn’t know that my pain could be seen. I thought I was a pro at hiding it. The biggest reward, well it goes to VSI and Dr. Haines. Thank you for fulfilling my life’s dream of being pain free!

Thank you for fulfilling my life’s dream of being pain free!

Spinal Champion Q&A

What is one of the differences you felt between Virginia Spine Institute and the other places you sought care from?

VSI actually took their time to help me, they listened to me and explained things to me. I honestly felt like I was Dr. Haines’ only patient!

What have you been able to get back to since your surgery?

Honestly, just living pain free. You don’t realize your pain can be seen until you don’t have it anymore.

Begin your journey to pain free today!