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I am so thankful for Kevin and Rich at VTFC, I wouldn't be able to running at the level I am since my back surgery without their expertise. Thank you so much. Top notch place for athletes.




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I have had pain for years in my legs and was always told it was my knees. I walked with a limp, and I was falling down regularly because my legs would give out. Additionally, my left arm was almost useless because I had no strength in it. I tried physical therapy for two years and nothing helped. I couldn’t sleep, walk, work, or ride in the car without pain – I couldn’t even take the cap off of a water bottle! I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I started looking for spine doctors in my area. That’s when I found Dr. Schuler at Virginia Spine Institute. He diagnosed me with a degenerative disc in my neck that was affecting my arm, and instability in my lower back which resulted in the pain and weakness down my legs. Because I had already failed non-operative treatment, he suggested surgery and I’m so glad he did. He performed a spinal fusion on my lower back and put an artificial disc in my neck. Now I’m able to work without any pain and do whatever I want. I was able to turkey hunt this year for the first time in a long time. I am able to walk ten to twelve miles per day and don’t have any pain. Riding doesn’t bother me anymore and I’m able to hike, hunt, and fish again for as long as I want. I have my life back and am pain free! You don’t realize how much pain you’re in until you don’t have any. Virginia Spine Institute is very knowledgeable and the staff is excellent. My advice if you’re in pain? Don’t live with the disability – give Virginia Spine Institute a call and they can make you well again!

I have my life back and am pain free!

Spinal Champion Q&A

How were your symptoms affecting you?

I couldn’t sleep, walk, work, or ride in a car without pain – I couldn’t even take the cap off of a bottle of water!

How has treatment helped you?

I have my life back and am pain free – I’m able to hike, hunt and fish again!

Insight from Tommy's Spine Surgeon Dr. Thomas Schuler

Tommy came to me having years of symptoms related to his neck pain and low back. He was being managed by other providers, but he did not receive treatment that was improving his symptoms and no one listened to his expectations. He had work that was physically demanding and he was an outdoorsman and wanted to enjoy his life. He was ready to move forward and frustrated with the results of his current treatment. I was humbled by his immediate faith and trust in me, and we discussed a surgical treatment plan since he did not improve with his non-operative treatment through the years. He underwent lumbar fusion surgery and cervical artificial disc replacement surgery to treat his symptoms. He wanted to have both surgeries which is not a common request by most patients. He was phenomenal during his recovery and had relief of all of his symptoms. My team and I are so proud of his motivation and his outcome!

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