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ENROLL TO Improve Your Bone Health 

To support the growing number of women facing the risk of osteoporosis, our holistic Bone Health Program combines nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coaching for a holistic approach to combating weak, fragile bones. No two women are the same, and neither is our approach! Utilizing The Bones MethodTM, your Care Team will personalize nutrition and exercise coaching to your specific bone health needs. 


What is the Bones Methodtm?

Balanced nutrition to optimize bone health
Optimize digestion to ensure adequate absorption of all essential bone building nutrients 
Nurture the soul to reduce stress and promote sleep
Exercise to strengthen bones and muscles
Supplements when needed for additional bone building support

Meet your Care Team!

Susan Brady, mpt

As founder of our Bone Health Program, Susan has been treating women with Osteoporosis for over 25 years. With an extensive education in nutrition and integrative medicine, she tailors each program according to nutritional and lifestyle needs. Her holistic and comprehensive approach addresses all facets of bone strengthening. 


Carrie Seifert, cscs

Carrie's 15 years of fitness experience compliments Susan's nutrition and integrative medicine specialties. This provides clients with a comprehensive approach to strengthening bones and stimulating growth while minimizing risk of injury. Her expertise in form are an essential part of the Bone Health Program and ensure each individual's success. 


Pricing Menu

Initial Consultation: $200
Follow-Up Sessions: $100