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Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center is proud to partner with Onyx Elite to elevate strength and fitness offerings for athletes and weekend warriors. This program is structured in a circuit-training format, focused on total body wellness, combining fitness and performance growth with an emphasis on proper form and recovery techniques, and optimal nutrition.

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‘One size fits all’ doesn’t fit our model.

Our classes are structured in a small group setting that provides personal customization for each individual, while still providing the benefits of group fitness including motivation and accountability partners. Each client is matched with exercise progression that will provide an appropriate challenge and fit their individual goals (i.e. speed, strength, agility, etc.). You’ll learn how to properly use equipment and have fun in a challenging environment!  

How it works:
  • 4 Stations
    1. 1. Warm up station
    2. 2. Movement skill station
    3. 3. Functional strength station
    4. 4. Conditioning circuit station
  • 12-15 minutes at each station
  • Each client will be at a different functional level with exercises determined by the trainer; you will progress in your conditioning based on mastery of skill and resistance

Meet your trainer!

 Chris Gorres

As a former high school and collegiate athlete, Chris has always had a passion for fitness. He has worked with athletes of all ages and ability levels, specializing in speed, power, strength, injury prevention, functional training, and rehabilitation. In addition to working with professional athletes, Chris has worked with youth athletes and adult weekend warriors with goals ranging from weight loss, general fitness, and of course, sports performance. 


Black (3x week): $210 bi-weekly
Premium (2x week): $160 bi-weekly
Select (1x week): $90 bi-weekly
Single Class: $55