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Are you an avid golfer looking to improve your swing? We can help! Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center is proud to launch a Golf Performance Program, guided by three Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Medical Professionals. This unique program evaluates posture, mobility, and movement quality to ensure your golf game is up to par with the professionals.

Golf Performance Program Components:
  • TPI physical golf screen to assess mobility and movement patterns specific to golf
  • Video analysis to examine individualized swing characteristics 
  • Individualized corrective exercise program

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How it works:
  • Initial consultation screening: 
    • During your initial consultation session, your Titleist Certified Medical Professional will evaluate your swing and body movement using Titleist's golf-specific movement screen and baseline videos.
  • Follow up visits:
    • During your follow up visits, your Titleist Certified Medical Professional will provide their analysis of your swing mechanics and how it relates to your physical limitations. This is accomplished through Titleist's Body-Swing Connection -- a system that identifies sequential breakdowns in the swing and the originations of the loss of power and efficiency. 
  • Home exercise program: 
    • After the comprehensive examination, you will receive the results of the physical golf screen, a better understanding of your body’s limitations, and a customized program designed specifically to address the biomechanical deficits. Your home exercise program will emphasize the importance of establishing proper mobility first, followed by stability and proper movement patterns through corrective exercises. 

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