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Grab your gym bag and join us for an hour of group exercise training with convenient class times perfect for your busy schedule. Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center offers a judgement-free zone where you'll find like-minded individuals working hard to improve core and posture stability, strengthen muscles, and listen to their bodies. Whether you're transitioning from injury/surgery rehabilitation or you are interested in pursing a healthier lifestyle, our group exercises classes offer enough variety to satisfy all of your fitness needs. 


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Class Descriptions

One-Hour Group "Powerhour" FITNESS CLASS

Get your heart rate up in this challenging, dynamic workout! PowerHour targets all muscle groups and functional patterns, relying on core strength and cardio to propel you through the hour. Each class is different and incorporates muscle confusion, moderate impact, core strengthening, and balance. 

joint mobility class

Eliminate sore, tight muscles with this joint mobility class! Using cutting-edge equipment and instruction from Strength Coach Carrie Seifert, challenge your knowledge of stretching and learn how to loosen muscles and reduce injury following a workout.

Low Impact Cardio Class

This class is for those who need a little motivation and support to get their cardio in. We will take advantage of our new, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, helping our members become familiar and confident with the machines. While most of the class will be on various cardio equipment, we will also be implementing other strategies to challenge your cardiovascular fitness. 

Posture Pilates Class

This hybrid course blends traditional Pilates with postural exercises. This class targets hip strengthening and abdominal work while concluding with soft-tissue rolling and light stretching. Perfect for those rehabilitating from an injury or anyone with a history of back pain.  

posture balance class

Balance is extremely important to our everyday life and is often one of the first things to go as we age.  Our Posture Balance Class is designed to address and challenge common daily movements and tasks in a safe, posture-conscious environment.  Posture and Gravity Fit are a big part of this class, so we ask anyone joining a Posture Class to take one of our 6 Week Gravity Fit Courses in order to learn the proper cues and form to ensure a smooth introduction for you, without holding back the current participants.  


MatCore is a great way to wake up and recharge your posture for the rest of your day.  Participants challenge their core stability while combining body weight and light resistance training.  These classes are challenging, so we ask anyone dropping in for the first time to sign up with a personal session beforehand to ensure that this is a safe choice for you.


Get ready to sweat in this class as Athletic Trainer Jason focuses on functional movement patterns while integrating balance, static and dynamic stability, and core endurance. Use your new core strength to maximize fitness performance and prevent injury. 

gravity fit classes -- specialty program**

Using the revolutionary GravityFit tool, build your spinal stability and core strength to combat the compressive forces of gravity. We are one of the only facilities that provides GravityFit training on the East Coast.

Gravity Fit Recharge

Continue to build your Gravity Fitness each week following the 5 Week Gravity Fit Series. This class is only offered to those that have completed this series and are looking to keep their posture Fit for Gravity.