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Virginia Therapy & Fitness Center strives to provide a progressive fitness experience through the use of the latest training technology and equipment. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury or looking for the ultimate tool for athletic performance, we’re here to help you meet and exceed your goals! Below are just a few of the new specialty equipment options available for rehabilitative and training purposes:

hydroworx 300 underwater treadmill

As the first facility in Virginia with the Hydroworx 300, our patients are already reaping its rewards. This advanced modality allows patients to rehabilitate injuries and strengthen athletic ability while only bearing 20-25% of their weight. This weightless environment results in:

  • Faster post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Increased joint range of motion and enhanced mobility
  • Improved muscle strength & flexibility
  • Improved balance
  • Effective cardiovascular training without wear & tear on joints
vertimax v8 trainer

The Vertimax V8 series trains athletes in explosive power and functional strength to target the vertical jump, acceleration, and top-end speed. In addition to demonstrating injury prevention techniques, athletes can practice sport-specific movements that result in performance gains in every game.

s-drive performance trainer

The S-Drive Performance Trainer is a self-propelled cardio unit that provides sled and parachute capabilities for an intense, versatile workout. The sled brake has eight settings with varying weights to provide a true sled pushing experience while the parachute brake has 11 settings to provide the feel of real parachute resistance.


GravityFit helps to target your ‘gravity muscles’, especially the muscles in your back and your core. When these muscles are strong, your body has more power, agility, balance, and better stability and posture. 

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