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Mid Back Pain

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The thoracic region can be one of the most uncomfortable places to have pain, sometimes making breathing a painful experience. Our spine-specialty trained physical therapists at Virginia Therapy and Fitness Center understand the complex interactions between our thoracic spine to the neck, shoulders, and low back. We will address any mechanical faults found during the evaluation and provide you with resources to not only return to pain free activities but also to prevent pain from ever returning. If you’re tired of dealing with thoracic pain, let one of our experts in spinal care get you back to a pain free lifestyle.

Common Thoracic Conditions:

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Our licensed orthopedic physical therapists specialize in all areas of the body using modern techniques proven to provide successful outcomes. Whether you are overcoming a sports injury, recovering after surgery, or are looking to resolve that nagging pain, we’ll get you back to your active lifestyle.

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